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Red Tagged by Con Ed?

Gas Service red tags can be a nightmare to handle. Residents complain, rent credits can accrue, neighbors accuse boards of negligence, people reach out to Con Ed in vain. This can all be mitigated by knowledgeable property managers. 

Bottling is not frequently an option and an emergency notice to all residents in the building needs to be sent using modern communication methods. 

Local Law 152 requires building owners (including co-ops and condominiums) to inspect gas lines every five years. If the source of the leak cannot be isolated and repaired, or the system is deteriorated, a test failure may require the re-piping of the entire building, which may require opening up walls and/or floors in apartments. That will cost thousands of dollars. Additional reasons for test failure may be that unapproved materials were used, or the work performed does not match the work on the approved work permit.

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