Align your interests with your brokers’. Yes, tenancy starts suddenly but we are in our relationships for the long haul. Unlike other brokerages that simply find the tenant, then walk away, we need to manage the tenancy through all four seasons and often over the course of years. We screen tenants with a wholistic approach for who will treat your property with respect while also maximizing your rent and overall value.

If you've never looked for a rental or been a landlord in New York City, it may come as a surprise to learn that many apartments are represented by rental brokers who charge a fee if you rent one of their properties - and that people actually agree to make the payments! In good economic times, renters should expect to pay a broker's fee of anywhere from one-month's rent for a less-than-prime apartment or location, all the way up to 15% of a year's rent for a sought after home.

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How we benefit you:

As a landlord, your goals are probably to minimize vacancy and maximize rent. That way, you can use your cashflow and borrow against your equity month after month and year after year. In rental after rental, that is exactly what we have achieved for our clients. Our market knowledge coupled with leading technology enable us to market your properties to the widest audience possible, renting quickly to qualified tenants. We also improve apartments with the highest impact possible to reduce downtime while maximizing rent. These improvements can be as small as cabinet pulls and as large as complete renovations including environmental remediation.

Our deep industry connections also provide the very best in third party vendors.

As an example, check out where despite marketing a less expensive unit, more people would chose to live in our carefully curated and professionally marketed apartment.

If you are looking to maximize the value of your NY real estate we are your best bet.

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