New York has two forms of rent regulation: rent control and rent stabilization. Both are mandated by the New York State government with the intention of preventing average city-dwellers from getting priced out of the rental market.

We are the experts at rental code and rent regulations in New York and surrounding areas. Our staff knows the codes and how to work with rent stabilized and controlled residents. Wayfinder PM will ensure that your property is in compliance and that you get the maximum rent amount that you are entitled.

If a self-managing Landlord or a management company is not absolutely up to date in the rent regulation laws, it could result in damaging costs and consequences. While we can’t fix what has already happened, we will ensure it won’t happen again.

Rent Roll and Cash Flow During Regulation

Regulation Specialists Chart

What we do:

  • Rent registrations
  • Protect the landlord from overcharge penalties
  • Calculate vacancy increases

Why you need WayFinder PM

An overcharge could result in hefty fines. Incorrect leases and renewals are quite common unless you know every aspect of rent stabilization and rent regulation. Trust the experts! Every lease is executed properly and increases carefully filed. Rent registrations are done properly and in a timely manner.

When you entrust your investment to Wayfinder PM, you can be assured that your prized investments – your properties – are in capable hands.

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