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Getting Rid of Electronics in NYC

Hi, Adam Jernow with Wayfinder Property Management here in the stairwell of a recently acquired management client at a high-end loft building where we noticed that electronic waste has been piloting up for what might be decades. Take a look at that vacuum that could be from the 1980s and this Xbox 360. Well, that's several generations old. 

At this point, New York City imposes fines on buildings that improperly dispose of their electronic waste. They also have programs to help people dispose of the electronic waste properly so they don't get fined. We enroll our clients in those programs when it suits our clients. However, for many of our clients, they choose to go the private route, which would be options like 1800 got junk, junk, Luggers Pro-Tech Ecycling, or ordinary carding companies like Philco or Mr. T. Carting, all of which we have relationships with on behalf of our clients. That way, you can get rid of the waste on your schedule, not on the city's schedule. Now, I'm excited to show you how this space is gonna look. As soon as we get done with the cleanup in order to open up the space and give it back to our clients. 

I'm back. And the electronic waste is not. As part of our take on for management of this building, we purged the building of waste, some of which looked like it had been collecting for decades across multiple management firms. The important thing was to make sure that the electronics were properly recycled. Then we made it even more inviting by putting a coat of paint across this stairwell. It's surprising and delightful what good wood electronic waste management, a coat of paint and lots of caring can do for the management of your building.

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